01. I lost the game, but I told myself that I had improved a lot [nonetheless].
02. He does things quite slowly sometimes, but they are [nonetheless] very well done.
03. My job is quite demanding at times, but I really enjoy it [nonetheless].
04. For all her faults, Vanessa is [nonetheless] an excellent saleswoman.
05. The decor in the restaurant is quite simple, but attractive [nonetheless].
06. While working in the hospitals in the war-torn area, our conditions were very basic, but many lives were saved [nonetheless].
07. The concept of democracy has resulted in different forms of government which [nonetheless] share the same basic ideology.
08. We met at the hospital where she and my grandmother were both very ill. I wish we could have met under happier circumstances, but [nonetheless] I'm glad we did meet.
09. The death of a young boy in a bicycling accident, though tragic, has [nonetheless] helped to raise the public's awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet.
10. Her English isn't very good, but she usually manages to make herself understood [nonetheless].
11. Janet is not much of an athlete, but she has a lot of fun playing sports [nonetheless].
12. Friedrich Nietzsche once noted that the mouth may lie, but the face it makes [nonetheless] tells the truth.
13. If a person's head is cut off, he will [nonetheless] remain conscious for about eight seconds.
14. She's not very pretty, but she's [nonetheless] very popular with the boys .
15. Despite his small size, Thomas is [nonetheless] a very good boxer.
16. He's not the tallest player on the basketball team, but Steve is [nonetheless] our top point-getter.
17. We didn't have very good tools, but I think we did a good job [nonetheless].
18. He doesn't really play very often, but he does pretty well [nonetheless].
19. You may not think you need to learn biology, but I think you should take at least one course [nonetheless].
20. The man who started the fire didn't mean to do it, but a large area of forest has been destroyed [nonetheless], and he must be held responsible.
21. James is an excellent tennis player, but he could improve his serve somewhat [nonetheless].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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